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Divorce can be a painful process even under ideal circumstances. It can also be very stressful. In our experience, the things people need during this difficult time are support, people they can lean on, answers they can understand and advice they can trust.

What they don't need is for their lawyers to make things worse.

At Jacobson & Julius, caring about the people who come to us for help and caring about the results we achieve for them are not new ideas. We understand how stressful divorce can be and know better than to make matters worse. We will work to make the process as smooth and painless as possible by providing prompt, courteous attention and by being accessible, easy to find and easy to talk to.

Divorce can also be a brand new lease on life. Talk to our Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, divorce lawyers about your situation, your options and how we can help today. For a free consultation — call our Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, law offices at 717-260-3127 or 1-877-570-4657, or contact us online.

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As a firm, we represent clients in divorce mediation, in divorce litigation and in resolving all of the related issues involved such as:

Dividing the Marital Assets and Debts

In Pennsylvania, marital assets and debts are divided on an equitable — not necessarily equal — basis. In real terms, that means there are no guarantees as to who will ultimately end up with what.

Our experience with the complexities of equitable distribution in Pennsylvania is of tremendous value to our clients. In representing you, our lawyers will use their knowledge and experience with business valuation methods and the division of investment accounts, retirement plans, stocks, pensions and more, to ensure that you receive fair property settlement terms in your divorce.

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For a free consultation — please call our law offices directly at 717-260-3127 or 1-877-570-4657, or contact our York and Camp Hill family law attorneys line. We are located in Harrisburg, and in your location by appointment only.

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