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Why parents should avoid a prolonged divorce process

Pennsylvania parents who are considering ending their marriage might have an initial separation followed by second thoughts. Religion, friends and family, and even their own experience as children of divorce parents might affect their decision. However, they should keep in mind that remaining in this kind of limbo can be difficult for children. Parents need to be able to come to a decision and discuss it with their children.

Consequences of high-conflict divorce

Some Pennsylvania couples may find themselves in the middle of an acrimonious divorce. These high-conflict divorces can have a number of unwanted consequences. One is expense. One Associated Press article found that on average, litigation costs more than $77,000 compared with just under $20,000 for a collaborative divorce and just under $7,000 for mediation.

Taxes and child support issues for parents

The finalization of a divorce may provide Pennsylvania parents with a fresh start, but those with children may still have a great deal of interaction and potential conflicts ahead. Divorce can particularly affect one's finances with regard to child support. The party who pays support may be challenged in making ends meet, and the individual who receives child support can be adversely affected if the other party misses any payments. Child support plays no role in a person's income tax situation, however, as it cannot be deducted by the paying parent. The receiving parent is not required to report child support as income.

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