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Child custody plans make like easier after divorce

Pennsylvania parents who are ending their marriages might encounter situations that, if not handled appropriately, might result emotionally harmful to their children. While most will say that everything they plan to do after a divorce will be in the best interest of the child, often, emotions and life situations might lead to different results.

Declining enrollment in child support program threatens children

Single parents head many households in Pennsylvania. For the past four decades, the federal Child Support Enforcement Program has enabled custodial parents to obtain child support from noncustodial parents. Although the program has effectively boosted income for single parents and connected children with noncustodial parents, participation in the program has declined.

Extra costs of raising children to consider during divorce

Parents in Pennsylvania engaged in divorce negotiations should not assume that child support will cover what might be deemed an extra expense instead of an essential cost. For example, parents of younger children who need daycare could spell out the splitting of those costs in a divorce decree because child support calculations will likely not take that expense into account.

Inmates may get new rules for child support

Unfortunately, a number of Pennsylvania parents end up being incarcerated. While they are in prison, these inmates are often unable to make their monthly child support payments. This means that when they get out, they may face large levels of child support debt that they are unable to pay.

Resolving custody disputes in divorces

One of the most difficult types of disputes that arise in Pennsylvania divorce cases is child custody and visitation. People tend to have a lot of emotions about this issue. There are several ways that people may resolve these kinds of disputes both during the divorce and afterwards.

Challenges of establishing, enforcing a child support order

Many divorcees in Pennsylvania and across the U.S. feel that their exes "get too much" in child support payments. In fact, a considerable percentage of recipients entitled to child support pursuant to a court order do not receive what is mandated.

Parents consider ways to resolve visitation problems

Many Pennsylvania parents who have gone through a divorce can attest that dealing with visitation matters is often difficult. Parents may experience a number of problems with the visitation agreements that courts order. However, there may be a number of solutions to these issues.

Respecting parental rights in Pennsylvania

Visitation and custody rights are usually granted after a divorce. However, those rights may not always be respected by the other parent. In one scenario, a parent was granted the right to attend doctor appointments and school events, but the other parent refused to say when those events took place. Therefore, the noncustodial parent's rights were infringed without anyone violating the letter of a court order.

Why parents should avoid a prolonged divorce process

Pennsylvania parents who are considering ending their marriage might have an initial separation followed by second thoughts. Religion, friends and family, and even their own experience as children of divorce parents might affect their decision. However, they should keep in mind that remaining in this kind of limbo can be difficult for children. Parents need to be able to come to a decision and discuss it with their children.

Taxes and child support issues for parents

The finalization of a divorce may provide Pennsylvania parents with a fresh start, but those with children may still have a great deal of interaction and potential conflicts ahead. Divorce can particularly affect one's finances with regard to child support. The party who pays support may be challenged in making ends meet, and the individual who receives child support can be adversely affected if the other party misses any payments. Child support plays no role in a person's income tax situation, however, as it cannot be deducted by the paying parent. The receiving parent is not required to report child support as income.

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