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Property division includes gifts, memberships and more

If you are facing divorce, it would be a good idea to begin making a list of your assets. Pennsylvania is an equitable division state, so there will not necessarily be a fifty-fifty split of assets. The list you make will be helpful to your attorney, so you want to include any assets you can think of.

Debt division in a Pennsylvania divorce

The largest and most contentious part of divorce without children is the division of marital property. You and your spouse may be fighting over who gets what. However, one aspect to remember is that assets are not the only divided property in a divorce - debt is, too.

Divorce filings spike in January

Many people in Pennsylvania who were considering divorce over the holiday season will file their paperwork in January. The first month of the year is a popular time for initiating the end of a marriage, and many family law attorneys notice a spike in filings during this time. However, people who are getting serious about this issue should think carefully before filing a petition.

What are some things to consider regarding prenuptials?

When Pennsylvania couples are planning on getting married, they might wonder about whether or not they should have a prenuptial agreement. These agreements may be needed in order to protect the financial interests of the parties if their marriage doesn't last or if other events take place. There are advantages and disadvantages of prenuptial agreements that people might want to consider.

Considering retirement accounts during divorce

Asset distribution is important to all Pennsylvania couples who decide to divorce. However, the process may be even more vital to divorcing baby boomers who are planning to retire soon. For many of these individuals, they have been building up their retirement accounts for some time.

Divorce causing Americans to move less

Studies show that Americans, including Pennsylvania residents, are moving less often than they did 50 years ago. One researcher claims in a new study that divorce and child custody are to blame for the decrease in migration.

Getting divorced later in life

Pennsylvania couples may be interested to learn that the divorce rate for those who are over 50 years of age has doubled between 1990 and 2010. Nonetheless, divorcing later in life can still have severe financial consequences for those who are older. Additionally, spouses who took time away from work to raise children may be financially disadvantaged if they do get a divorce.

How online life can affect divorce proceedings

People in Pennsylvania and across the country are fully emerged in the era of social media. They are sometimes inclined to make a public display of their personal lives online. When couples are going through a divorce, posts on social media could backfire if they reveal information that doesn't match what they say in court. They are advised to keep certain types of information off of social media and even out of personal emails.

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