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How child support positively impacts the family

If you pay or receive child support in Pennsylvania, your child will experience many benefits, and you and your child's other parent may, too, enjoy benefits that might include an improved relationship. Child support is money paid by one parent to the other for the purpose of providing for a child's needs, with the money frequently going toward food, housing, health care costs and other necessities.

Mistakes to avoid in a Pennsylvania divorce

Pennsylvania couples in the midst of ending their marriage may not always be making their financial futures a top priority. However, the emotions common in many divorces can end up leading to financial mistakes that have long-lasting consequences for one or both parties involved. A lack of understanding of the household finances, a lack of legal or financial advice and the tendency to make emotional agreements without formal documentation can all complicate the divorce process.

AARP offers information for grandparents raising children

Partnering with the Child Welfare League of America, the Children's Defense Fund, and a number of other national organizations, the AARP has produced a set of national and state fact sheets for grandparents and other relatives who are raising children. The Pennsylvania fact sheet offers demographic and economic data on grandparent households with minor children as well as information about state custody laws, public benefits, educational assistance and support services.

Some judges allow legal notices via Facebook

Individuals in Pennsylvania may be interested to learn that a woman was allowed to serve divorce papers using Facebook when she was unable to locate her husband by other means. After attempts to locate the man by phone and email and even a private detective failed, a judge approved her use of Facebook since the man was active on the site.

Collecting child support from Social Security benefits

Pennsylvania parents who are not being paid the child support that they are owed might be able to have a portion of the other parent's Social Security payments garnished. Up to 65 percent of an individual's benefits might be withheld from survivor, retirement or disability benefits. Supplementary Security Income cannot be garnished because it is considered welfare.

The purpose for and uses of child support

Many people mistakenly believe that child support is meant to only pay for the bare necessities of a child, including shelter, clothing and food. However, Pennsylvania parents need to understand that child support is intended to pay for more than just those expenses.

Pennsylvania child support and financial concerns

If you are divorcing in Pennsylvania, it is likely you have concerns about matters including child support, finances and what to do with your house after the divorce. The financial and support-related aspects of divorce can seem particularly daunting when couples separate and try to support themselves without much help from the other parent.

What happens if a spouse refuses to pay child support?

Pennsylvania child support orders are legal court orders that must be followed. Even if a person's financial situation has completely changed or if the other spouse is withholding the child, a person who is ordered to pay child support must continue to do so. People in those situations can file a motion to modify in court if they need to have the amount reduced.

Divorce issues in Pennsylvania

Even in a somewhat amicable divorce, there is the potential for stress and disagreement over issues such as property division and child custody. Support and guidance can be important for getting through the process, and reliable advice is important where issues such as marital property and jointly-held debts are concerned. It is important to be sure that these issues are considered carefully not only in terms of equitable division but also in terms of the potential implications at the conclusion of divorce proceedings.

Guide to child support in Pennsylvania

One of the major parts of divorce for Pennsylvania residents is figuring out who pays child support and how much should be paid. Child support is defined as financial assistance, paid by the non-custodial parent, for the purpose of helping to pay for the expenses incurred while raising a child. These include costs for food, clothing and shelter, education expenses, health insurance and medical expenses, child care and extracurricular activities, among others.

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