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Experienced lawyers, driven to succeed on your behalf.


Experienced lawyers, driven to succeed on your behalf.

If you are divorcing in Pennsylvania, it is likely you have concerns about matters including child support, finances and what to do with your house after the divorce. The financial and support-related aspects of divorce can seem particularly daunting when couples separate and try to support themselves without much help from the other parent.

Many people have child support concerns, whether they expect to pay child support or if they expect to be the recipient of it. In Pennsylvania, the courts will use guidelines that take into account both your income as well as that of your former spouse in determining the child support amount that will be ordered.

Maybe you have concerns about what will happen to the home you have shared. When one of you moves, you may have questions about how the mortgage will continue to be paid when one person also has to pay rent somewhere else. You may have concerns about how the mortgage can be refinanced so it is in only the name of the person who will remain in it. You may also be worried that if you stay in the home, you might be unable to afford the monthly mortgage payments.

If you have these types of concerns regarding post-divorce matters, you are not alone. Many divorcing couples have similar concerns as they learn to live separately and disentangle their finances. Our experienced team of attorneys are ready to assist you in these and other post-divorce matters. We have a variety of resources for people like you who have these concerns. You may get more information by visiting our page that discusses these matters.

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