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Experienced lawyers, driven to succeed on your behalf.


Experienced lawyers, driven to succeed on your behalf.

York Child Custody Attorneys

York Child Custody Attorneys

Seeking Expert Legal Assistance for Your Child Custody Case?

At Jacobson, Julius & Harshberger located in Harrisburg, you have the opportunity to partner with a lawyer who is deeply knowledgeable in Pennsylvania’s family law and ready to guide you through the intricacies of custody disputes. We prioritize collaboration and leverage our extensive experience to address situations that we understand can be significantly emotionally and financially taxing — aiming for resolutions that foremost benefit you and your children.

Experienced Child Custody Attorneys in South-Central Pennsylvania

Our team is equipped to support you in navigating the legal landscape of divorce and child custody, approaching sensitive issues with a balance of care and assertiveness that is crucial for your future. To explore your specific circumstances and legal options in a consultation, feel free to reach out to our office via phone or email today.

Aiming for Favorable Outcomes Through Negotiation or Litigation

Our unified group of lawyers and support staff brings a wealth of experience in assisting individuals to:

  • Achieve peaceful agreements on physical and legal custody matters
  • Handle the complexities of custody evaluations effectively when divorcing parties are unable to agree on a custody plan
  • Advocate for parental rights and the welfare of the children in court when it becomes essential

Our legal expertise is enhanced by our access to a network of psychologists and specialists when necessary to bolster your case. Our proficiency also covers guardianship and emancipation matters.

Rely on Tailored Advice for Essential Family Law Matters

Our attorneys are committed to understanding your objectives regarding joint, sole, or shared custody — focusing intently on your specific needs and providing reliable and pragmatic advice. Our family law clients value our commitment to transparency regarding the potential costs associated with various choices.

We are proud to deliver exceptional value and affordability to parents facing challenging issues — including those anticipating a more straightforward divorce process based on pre-existing agreements concerning child custody and other vital matters. For a consultation with a compassionate and determined family law attorney, please get in touch with us today or dial 717-909-5858.