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Experienced lawyers, driven to succeed on your behalf.


Experienced lawyers, driven to succeed on your behalf.

Avoid Home Foreclosure: Legal Guidance for Protecting Your Property and Financial Future

One of the toughest situations anyone can face is the looming threat or harsh reality of home foreclosure. Knowing that the foreclosure crisis and overall tough economic times are affecting many others does not make dealing with your own personal situation any easier.

The sooner you contact an attorney who understands bankruptcy and other legal alternatives, the better your chances may be of saving your home or avoiding financially devastating consequences after foreclosure. At Jacobson, Julius & Harshberger in Harrisburg, we have the skill and will exert the effort to find the best available solution to your problem.

Strategies for Avoiding Foreclosure or Positioning for Recovery Afterward

Our team of lawyers is devoted to helping our clients understand current Pennsylvania foreclosure law, explore viable alternatives such as a loan modification and arrive at financially sound decisions. We have helped many people file Chapter 13 bankruptcy or take other measures that can:

  • Stop foreclosure proceedings and prevent a sheriff’s sale or tax sale while you continue negotiations with your mortgage lender
  • Restructure other debts for payment over time, enabling you to avoid foreclosure if you have not yet fallen behind on mortgage payments but know you are headed for default
  • Protect other assets such as your car, truck or other vehicle from repossession
  • Stop creditor harassment and relieve certain other pressures so you can better focus on positive steps and what is right for your family
  • Avoid a potentially crippling default judgment for all mortgage payments missed before a foreclosure was finalized

Learn About Your Options Now by Calling 717-909-5858

Whatever your specific financial situation — whether you want to avoid foreclosure, stop repossession of other property, or protect yourself afterward so you can recover — our work on your behalf can begin with a initial consultation. One of our dedicated lawyers will take the time to understand your pressures and goals, then offer practical counsel that could make a real difference in the outcome and your ability to move forward in life.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy protection under the Bankruptcy Code.