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Experienced lawyers, driven to succeed on your behalf.


Experienced lawyers, driven to succeed on your behalf.

Drug Defense York

York, PA Drug Defense Attorney

Dedicated Representation for Drug-Related Charges

Facing a criminal charge is inherently complex and intimidating, especially when it’s related to drug offenses. Such charges could potentially jeopardize your liberty. It’s essential to seek proficient legal assistance to safeguard your rights if you’re dealing with a drug-related charge.

At Jacobson, we provide residents of Harrisburg with thorough legal defense services for drug charges. Our lawyers bring extensive expertise to the table in this domain, offering guidance through any challenges you might encounter.

Assisting in the Protection of Your Rights for Various Allegations

The gravity of drug-related criminal allegations can differ significantly. Nonetheless, even charges that seem minor demand immediate and serious consideration. Our law firm supports individuals across Pennsylvania facing charges including:

  • Possession: Being found with a controlled substance can lead to felony charges.
  • Manufacturing and Cultivation: Illegally producing drugs can result in substantial prison sentences for the convicted.
  • Trafficking and Distribution: Charges of drug trafficking can reach the federal courts. It’s crucial for anyone facing such grave accusations to obtain knowledgeable legal advice.

We are committed to developing a robust defense strategy for you. By examining all possible defenses, such as questioning the intent or evidence, claims of entrapment, or identifying prosecutorial weaknesses, we aim to preserve your rights and freedom.

Contact Us to Find Out More

Should you or someone close to you be confronting drug-related criminal charges, don’t hesitate to reach out to our firm. Schedule an initial consultation by calling us at 717-909-5858. For added convenience, we are also reachable by email. We are honored to represent clients in Harrisburg and the neighboring areas.