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Experienced lawyers, driven to succeed on your behalf.


Experienced lawyers, driven to succeed on your behalf.

Many Pennsylvania parents who have gone through a divorce can attest that dealing with visitation matters is often difficult. Parents may experience a number of problems with the visitation agreements that courts order. However, there may be a number of solutions to these issues.

One common problem is a parent who is late in dropping off the children or picking them up. This may happen because the parent is confused about the arrangement, has a busy schedule, intentionally does it to cause disruption or because of factors outside of his or her control. One resolution in this type of scenario is to provide the parent who lost time with an equivalent amount of time to compensate. The parents may do this willingly or by a motion by the aggrieved parent to the court. It is important that children have a consistent schedule and be able to depend on both of their parents. Another option is to modify the agreement if new circumstances dictate a change, such as a new work schedule that conflicts with the provisions in the visitation agreement.

Another source of contention regarding visitation is when the custodial parent and the other parent do not get along. In these types of situations, the custodial parent’s bitterness toward the other parent may impair his or her ability to effectively co-parent. Considering the child’s best interests can help move the parent away from this stance. In some circumstances, the non-custodial parent may choose to have the visitation enforced by the court.

Individuals who believe that their parental rights are being adversely affected by the other parent may want to discuss their concerns with their family law attorney. If the issue can’t be resolved through negotiations or mediation, it may have to be addressed in a courtroom setting.