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Experienced lawyers, driven to succeed on your behalf.


Experienced lawyers, driven to succeed on your behalf.

In Pennsylvania and across the United States, the recent health crisis has forced people to change the way they live their everyday lives personally and professionally. A significant portion of that was spending a great deal of time at home with the family. For some, this was a blessing in disguise as they saw their children and their spouse more than they ordinarily would. For others, it exposed problems that might have been buried because they were so busy with work, taking kids to school and other activities. As society tries to return to some form of normalcy, that is increasing the chance of divorce.

Marriage counselors report an uptick in people seeking sessions

Those who specialize in helping people get through marital difficulties are giving anecdotal evidence of the challenges couples experienced since early 2020. Marriage counselors say their schedules are packed with clients who are seeking advice in trying to fix their marital issues. It is believed that the decline was due to people reassessing their relationships or simply waiting until they could move forward with a divorce. Experts say that a fundamental source for discord was the need to spend more time together than normal.

If people had lingering irritations or concerns about the relationship, that is believed to have been exacerbated. A survey from the Institute of Family Studies found that more than one-third of respondents stated that their marriage was strained because of the crisis. Overall in 2020, there had been a reduction in the number of people getting married and divorced. Both showed major declines across the U.S. In Pennsylvania, there were nearly 28,900 divorce and annulment filings for the year. That was 12% fewer than in 2019. While some marriages might be salvageable, that is not true for all and it could be necessary to look at the available options.

Before taking that step, it is useful to have guidance with the process

Many factors can make a divorce complicated and difficult. That includes child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, property division and visitation. Even those who have not decided that they are ready to divorce should understand the legal requirements and what they need to prepare for. If the decision has been made, it is even more imperative to have assistance. Consulting with professionals who are experienced in these cases can be helpful to reach a successful resolution whether that is through negotiation or by going to court.